Effects of Good Music

People often say that it is important to listen to good music, but first of all, what is good music? Well some people describe good music as music that has nice flowing chord structure and melody. I agree with that, but more than that, I think good music should be able to minister to your soul. Good music should also be able to keep you sane.

What does good music do for you?

Reduces stress: have you ever had a long day at work and decided to turn on your radio, and luckily for you, one of your favorite jams is being played. Try to remember what it did to you. You will notice that it reduced the tiredness you were feeling and left you high as you look forward to getting home.

Improves exercise: if you have ever tried exercising with music and without music, you will notice a great difference. The type of music you pick will determine how enjoyable your exercise would go that day.

Improves mood: good music has a major effect on your mood. Good music has the ability to regulate your emotions in such a way that a moment of unhappiness would be wiped away

Music, emotion, action: a complex relationship

Generally, good music has the ability to brighten your day. From your morning exercise to having a bad day at work and finally to relieve you of your stress as you drive back from work or even take the bus. My candid advice for you is to invest in good music. Not just music with good sound and lines, but music that will touch your soul in places that will soothe and relieve you.
Also be reminded that there is a song for each emotion you are feeling, and it is important to pick the right songs instead of generalizing. It is said by nutritionist that you are what you eat. I dare to say that you are what you listen to. Meaning the kind of songs you listen to per time can determine your action and emotions.
Remember, good music is people specific. I can’t make the choice for you.